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This story was incredibly moving and frightening.

Every adult should hope that they never have to prove their innocence against the word of a child (or the implanted ideas of another adult). As a future special education teacher it is horrifying to think I am putting myself out there, at the mercy of my students and parents. Your program is a crash-course in the American judicial system. Once your in, God have mercy on you.. because your neighbors won't!

Cynthia D
athens, ga


I watched this in rerun May, 2000. I was appalled at the parents and children screaming hate to Bob Kelly going off to prison. It was like the parents who encouraged their children to jeer little black girls going to school in the South 30 years ago.

I would like to see if a psychotherapist could hypnotize a child or two in a regression series back to age three and four. Powerful series.

Constance Daley
st. simons island, georgia


I was so disturbed after viewing the documentary this past week, that I feel fortunate to be a Canadian citizen. I believe this sort of case would never make it to trial in Canada. It was so obvious that the charges were based simply on rumour, fear, and gossip. It was essentially a witchhunt.

I hope that the victims in this case (read the daycare workers) sue the federal government and receive compensation for having their lives forever ruined. Not too mention the children who will grow up to believe that they have been molested when they haven't been. Shame on the prosecution.

Jeannie O'Rourke
vancouver, canada


Sra crimes are the easiest to get away with. The FBI is afraid of the boogie man or psychic attacks.

Victims mentioning ritual abuse are usually declared insane to save the taxpayers money on court costs.

The costs of sra is then paid by through psychiatric care. Justice never had a chance.

j stamper
denver, co



I have read everything about the sexual abuse case and I don't think Mr Bob is guilty. The children are confused and the things they say,does not match with one another. They might just listen all these stories from other kids and imagine them to be the truth.Children are full of fantasies and imaginations. If they had experienced bad things,they would remember it for the rest of their life,every scene and action.Some of them even did not remember the details and always change their statement.

I also think that if they are abused by Mr Bob and they are afraid of him,then why didn't they avoid him?? Why would they be so willing to go to the day care??

These are the things that I don't quite understand.When I was young,my mum would frightened me that the storage room in my house was full with ghosts and they would get me if I were to be disobedient.I believed it was real and I still remember about it.So if the kids had very bad experienced, they would remember it too under any circumstances.

Sunny Susanto
anaheim, ca


I believed at the time the show was aired that this was a modern day Salem witchcraft trial.. I can remember some of the lies I told when I was a very young child so that I would have the approval of my peers. I believe that the very young can be coached to say almost anything, especially when they're told, as I rember one child being told, something like, "Bobby said he saw--" or whatever. It is possible that a very rare individual who cares for young children, might be a child molester, but not the wholesale numbers and the hysterial that swept the country, when many people who had children in day care withdrew them or were very fearful.

Lillian Adams
carbondale, il


I could not possibly say it better than many before me, what I would like to see is the programs again, as a series with the latest or last update as to what finally happned.

Lee Seiler
berkeley, ca

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