Tapes He co-owned the Little Rascals Day Care with his wife Betsy and helped her run it. He also ran a local plumbing business, which he continued operating until he was arrested in April 1989. He had formerly worked as the golf pro at the local country club.

The first allegations of child sexual abuse were made against Bob alone, in early 1989. He was in prison for two years, with a bail set at $1.5 million. His trial began in July, 1991. He was tried on 100 counts of abuse, convicted of 99 and was sentenced to serve twelve consecutive life sentences in state prison.

Kelly's lawyers filed and on May 2, 1995, Kelly's conviction was overturned,nd he was released on bond in September 1995 in Fayetteville. He had been in jail for six years. In October 1995, Betsy and Bob separated. They have one daughter, Laura.

In April, 1996, the state brought new charges against Bob Kelly, involving one child with no connection to Little Rascals or the initial case. These charges were dropped in September 1999.

Chronology for Bob Kelly's case:

April 14 Arrested for the first time. Bond eventually reaches $1.5 million.

May 8 First grand jury indictments handed down.


July 22 Trial begins in Farmville with jury selection.

August 12 Jury selection completed.

August 19 Jury empaneled. Evidence begins.

Dec. 10 State rests its case.


March 4 Defense rests its case.

March 12 State concludes rebuttal evidence.

March 27 Judge McLelland begins charging the jury.

March 30 Final instructions to the jury.

April 22 Convicted on 99 of 100 counts.

April 23 Sentenced to 12 consecutive life terms.


July 16 Lawyers file his record on appeal to the North Carolina Court of Appeals.

Nov. 22 Motion for new trial based on improper conduct by jurors filed.


Jan. 18-20 Motion to dismiss on basis of improper conduct by jurors argued by David Rudolf in front of Judge Marsh McLelland in Farmville.

Jan. ? Motion for a new trial denied.

April 21 Appeal filed.


Jan. 9 Mark Montgomery argues case before the State Court of Appeals.

May 2 Appellate Court of North Carolina overturns the convictions of Bob Kelly and Dawn Wilson.

Sept. 7 Supreme Court of North Carolina upholds Appellate

Court decision.

Sept. 8 Hearing in Fayetteville for reduction of bond to $200,000.

Sept. 22 Makes bond. Is released in Fayetteville.

Oct. 29 Bob and Betsy Kelly separate.


April 29 State indicts Bob Kelly on new charges. He is arrested and held in Chowan County Jail.

May 1 Bail set at $50,000. He is released when his employer, Glenn Livingston pays it.

Dec. 2 Gerald Beaver moves to dismiss new charges against Kelly. Motion denied.

Dec. 3 Gerald Beaver moves to have the new charges joined to the Little Rascals charges. Judge Giles Clark rules in his favor.

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