justice for sale
How Bad Is It?

Inside views from two Supreme Court Justices, a state judge, a lobbyist and a political consultant; plus reports and polls
What's Happening in My State?Interactive map showing how each state selects judges; plus links to state information and resources
how did we come to elect judges?The Founding Fathers wanted appointment by merit; why Jacksonian Democrats called for elections
how should judges be selected?A look at reform efforts in Texas and other states; why voters don't always support merit selection of judges; ABA's position
videoExcerpt from the program; a rare interview with two Supreme Court Justices; two campaign ads for judges
quizjoin the discussionnavigation, see below for text


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Justice For Sale

FRONTLINE and Bill Moyers investigate how campaign cash is corrupting America's courts. In the thirty-nine states where judges are elected, special interest money is pouring into judicial politics, threatening to compromise judicial independence. The film focuses on three states--Texas, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania--and documents efforts by special interest groups to influence judges and their decisions.

published nov. 1999

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