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Kip's Taped  Police Confession (RealAudio; 33 minutes)

This is Kip Kinkel's full interview with Detective Al Warthen at the Springfield Police station, conducted on the morning of May 21, 1998, two hours after he opened fire on the Thurston High cafeteria. Kip tearfully describes murdering his parents the previous day, repeating over and over, "I had no choice." (Or, read the transcript.)

Excerpt from FRONTLINE's documentary (RealVIdeo; approx. 4 minutes)

This clip from "The Killer at Thurston High" shows some of the early stages of how things were unraveling for Kip and his family. It details snatches from Kip's writings; his troubled father's conversation with a stranger about his son; and, Kip's intensifying fascination with guns.

Interview with Kristin Kinkel  (RealVideo; approx. 7 minutes)

Kip's sister Kristin remembers her parents' attempts to help Kip and reflects on the aftermath of the tragedy.

Interview with Kasey Guianen (RealVideo; approx. 7 minutes)

Kasey, Kip's friend from childhood, describes the young Kip, struggles to understand how the boy she knew could commit such crimes, and describes her recent visits to him in jail.

Interview with Family Friends (Real Video

Debbie Cullen and Jane Broderick, close friends of Faith Kinkel, recall the Kinkels' struggles to help their troubled son.

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