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The following questions were posed to national experts on violent behavior and juvenile justice:

What are the best predictors of violence in a young child?  Is there an emerging consensus on this?  What is research showing on the interplay of social and biological factors in putting a child at risk in becoming violent and antisocial?  What do we do?  What are the public policy aspects of this issue?

Dr. Dorothy Lewis Professor of Psychiatry, New York University School of Medicine, New York City.
Her research work has focused on the roots of violence in people.

Fox Butterfield New York Times  reporter.
He covers criminal justice issues and is the author of All God's Children: the Bosket Family and the American Tradition of Violence

John CoieProfessor of Psychology at Duke University.
He has served on national task forces on violence and prevention and directs a longitudinal study of youth from age 8 to young adulthood. The study focuses on identifying early risk factors for adolescent disorders, particularly involvement in violence and antisocial behavior.

John DiIulio, Jr. Director of the Partnership for Research on Religion and At-Risk Youth at Public/Private Ventures in Philadelphia
He assisted the Council on Crime in America in drafting its new report, "Saving Children, Preventing Crime."

Peter Reinharz Chief of New York City's Family Court Division.
He is the city's chief juvenile prosecutor and is the author of articles and opinion pieces on juvenile violence and justice, and of Killer Kids, Bad Law.

Patrick Tolan Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry,University of Illinois at Chicago Medical School
He is Director of Research at the Institute of Juvenile Research and a principal investigator on several scientific studies on violence and related social problems among children and adolescents. His research work has focused on the evaluation of prevention programs and on issues related to the development of urban children and families.

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