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The MFJP (Mexican Federal Judicial Police) is an extremely important piece of the drug traffickers' overall plan to move their loads of drugs through Mexico and into the United States. In fact, drug traffickers operating in the Baja California Norte, Mexico, region have stated that they were afraid to move their drugs through Mexico without having secured MFJP protection. The MFJP has had an amicable relationship with Amado CARILLO Fuentes for many years. This could stem from the power given to Amado CARILLO Fuentes from his uncle, Ernesto FONSECA-CARILLO. Whatever the reason, Amado CARILLO Fuentes is extremely well connected within the MFJP. Reporting in March 1993 indicates that Amado CARILLO Fuentes possesses MFJP Jefe de Grupo credentials for the special investigations section and has a gold colored MFJP badge.

Ex-MFJP Subdirector Guillermo GONZALEZ-Calderoni had a long and profitable relationship with Amado CARILLO Fuentes. In the mid-1980s while Amado CARILLO Fuentes was building up strength in his drug trafficking, he reportedly paid GONZALEZ-Calderoni $1 million to assassinate Pablo ACOSTA-Villarreal. ACOSTA-Villarreal at the time controlled the Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico, "Plaza." As soon as ACOSTA-Villarreal was removed, Amado CARILLO Fuentes assumed uncontested control of the Ojinaga Plaza. In 1991, MALDONADO-Gastelum, a chief lieutenant for Amado CARILLO Fuentes, met with GONZALEZ-Calderoni in a residence near Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. It is unknown what details were discussed in that meeting. GONZALEZ-Calderoni remained an associate of Amado CARILLO Fuentes until he quit the MFJP in late 1992 and left Mexico because of indictments being filed against him for drug violations.

Lucindo CARILLO, cousin of Amado CARILLO Fuentes, was the Jefe de Grupo for the MFJP in Agua Prieta, Sonora. He assisted Amado CARILLO Fuentes by securing his loads passing through Agua Prieta. Amado CARILLO Fuentes would also send prospective personnel to Lucindo to be interviewed for possible employment in the organization. In January 1993, Amado CARILLO Fuentes flew into Agua Prieta and met with Licenciado A Heriberto VELASQUEZ, Lucindo, and MFJP agent, Carlos LUGO. The meeting took place in the law office of VELASQUEZ, but the issues discussed were not known.

Luis Manuel PALOFAX-Juarez, the former MFJP Commandant in Agua Prieta has been documented as an associate of Amado CARILLO Fuentes. During the last week of February 1993, PALOFAX-Juarez met with Amado CARILLO Fuentes and discussed the transporting of drugs through the port of entry at Agua Prieta. At the time PALOFAX-Juarez was receiving inquiries from his superiors in Mexico City about the lack of cocaine being seized in his area. He reached an agreement with Amado CARILLO Fuentes and told him that he could tranship marijuana instead through the area because it was not perceived as serious as cocaine. PALOFAX-Juarez and Lucindo CARILLO were relieved of their posts and reassigned to Navojoa, Sonora, shortly after February 1993.

(From Secret DEA summary of the cartels and their link to Gonzales Calderoni.)

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