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Excerpts from the newsmagazine Proceso's report on the interrogation of Paulina
Castanon de Salinas in Switzerland by Swiss authorities.

Raul Salinas Answers

Paulina Castenon de Salinas confirmed that she had traveled to Switzerland on instructions her husband had given her three weeks earlier at Almoloya. In the course of a hearing, he had been shown copies of the fake passports under the names of JG Gomez Gutierrez and JJ Gonzalez Cadena, and he asked her to go to Geneva to get hold of all the evidence -- the originals, that is -- from the safe deposit box he held at Banque Pictet under the name of Gomez Gutierrez.

"The only instructions he gave me were to bring everything back to Mexico..."


"If your husband is an honest man, as you appear to be saying, why should he need these fake papers?"

"I don't understand it. I think that his former girlfriend, Margarita Nava, who presently lives in Hamburg and who he went with for over five years, might be able to explain it."


She was reminded of her most recent visit to Pictet, in August 1993, two months after her marriage with Raul Salinas...during their two-month honeymoon.

"This was the only time that we went to the safe deposit vault, and this is when my husband deposited what you found in the box. I didn't know anything about the passport you showed me (Gomez Gutierrez') and even less about the copy of the other passport (Gomez Cadena's). I simple observed that he was depositing papers, and that's all."

[Later that day: the Swiss prosecutor asks her to be more precise about the passport and the account at Pictet]

"I want to tell the truth because everything I did was at my husband's request. It's true that he's the one who sent me to Geneva and he's the one who told me to open the safe deposit box and take the documents that were in it. Specifically, he told me that there was a passport; I knew which passport he was talking about, the one under the name of JG Gomez Gutierrez. I hadn't seen this passport before, but I knew it from the photocopies displayed by the Mexican AG's Office. But I didn't know anything about the other fake passport. This morning was the first time I ever saw the Gonzalez Cadena passport. I don't know whether my husband opened other accounts under this false name, although I did know that my husband's account at Banque Pictet, for which he had given me power of attorney, was under the false name of Gomez Gutierrez."

[Paulina] confirmed that another reason for her trip was to withdraw the $41 million-plus deposited in Citibank's Confidas, in an account in the name of Tronca Ltd, for which [Raul] had also given her power of attorney.


November 17 1995 Interview by Swiss Authorities

"I don't know anything about this matter as a whole, but I want to cooperate and tell you everything I do know..."

"It's true that the police found a bank transfer voucher for about $5 million in my possession. The account in question isn't mine, and I don't know who it belongs to. The voucher was in a little box at Banque Pictet in Geneva. The paper was in a little box that was inside my husband's safe deposit box. The voucher is from Banque Confidas, in Zurich, which transferred the money to Banque Rotschild. I have an account at Banque Rotschild, and my husband transferred $12 million into this account in 1994 as a wedding gift. This account had been opened years before with my ex-husband, Alfredo Diaz Borja. Yesterday I was still under the impression that the money [the $5 million, presumably - GA] had been transferred to my account at Banque Rotschild, but that's not my account [shown on the voucher - GA]."

"Generally speaking, I said yesterday that I believed that there was an account with $1 million, more or less, at Credit Suisse Geneva under the name of Chaine. I have to say now that my husband [Raul] closed this account in 1994. In the meantime, I've realized that this account was under the name of ...Gomez Cadena, because "chaine" in French means "cadena" in Spanish."

She then detailed how the money was gotten out of Mexico via Citibank.

"I recall that, in 1993, my husband gave me six or eight checks to take to Citibank Mexico. The amounts of these checks were than transferred from Citibank Mexico City to Citibank New York, and from there to an account in Confidas Zurich. The amounts of these checks ranged from $1 million to $4 million, so a total of between $15 million and $20 million was transferred. I don't know why this money was transferred. My husband simply asked me to do it, and I did it."

[Prosecutor shows bank statement from Confidas Zurich with a balance of $41 million {text illegible}]

...said she was going to withdraw it to deposit it in another Swiss bank, Julius Baer.

The reason for this was that Confidas, a Citibank subsidiary, had indicated that it did not wish to continue to hold her husband's money and that it had to be withdrawn {text illegible}

"Do you know where this money comes from?"

"I thought that the money came from political deals -- that is, corruption (the word `corruption' has been struck from the statement). I never had any knowledge of involvement by my husband in drug trafficking. I've read in the newspapers that he was allegedly linked to the drug cartels, but I've never believed that my husband could have anything to do with these things."

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