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Poll: Who Cares Who Wrote Shakespeare?  Does the author matter?  Or is the play the thing?  Cast your vote, then join the discussion
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much ado about something
Is it possible that 'William Shakespeare' was the nom de plume of Christopher Marlowe,the 16th-century English playwright, poet, and spy? A new look into a longrunning authorship debate.
introduction: a fine mystery interview: a bard in the hand? forum: what's at stake?

If not Shakespeare, then who? A brief overview of the Authorship Question and the case for Marlowe, with links for further reading.

Filmmaker Michael Rubbo explains how the project got started, why he finds the Stratford man so implausible, and why Kit seems to fit.

Four views of the Shakespeare authorship controversy, featuring Jonathan Bate, Marjorie Garber, Diana Price, and Michael Rubbo.

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Much Ado About Something

His name is synonymous with great literature. Author of timeless masterpieces like "Romeo and Juliet," "Othello," and "Hamlet," William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the greatest writer who ever lived--or was he? FRONTLINE producer Michael Rubbo explores anew the centuries-old controversy over whether the literary masterpieces long attributed to Shakespeare were actually written by his contemporary, Christopher Marlowe. Born in the same year as Shakespeare, Marlowe was at the height of his literary career in 1593 when he was supposedly killed in an argument over a tavern bill. Marlowe's death, however, has been clouded in mystery, with some "Marlovians" insisting the playwright lived to write another day--but under the name of Shakespeare. FRONTLINE takes viewers inside this 16th century detective story in an attempt to unravel what some are calling the "biggest cover-up in literary history."

published jan. 2, 2003