Much Ado About Something
a fine mystery
a bard in the hand?
what's at stake?


Produced by
Michael Rubbo
Penelope McDonald

Jane St Vincent Welch

Production Management
Penelope McDonald

Original Music by
Christopher Gordon

Sound Design
Mike Gissing

Assistant Director
Katherine Korolkevich-Rubbo

Additional Production Management
Jacqui North

Production Assistant
Vanessa Sulman

June Everett
Roberta Garini, Lousia Merlin
Lorelle Harker, Catherine Richardson

Archival Footage Clearances
Fotini Manikakis

Additional Camera
Peter Coleman
Special thanks to interviewees
John Baker
Prof. Jonathan Bate
Peter and Frieda Barker
Bill Browning
Callum Coates
Rev. Graham Corneck
Dr Wolfgang Deninger
Peter Farey
Dr Daniela Ferrari
Prof. Andy Gurr
Sue Hunt
John Hunt
John Michell
Charles Nicholl
Anne Oakley
Caroline Ovenden
Paul Pollak
Jan R Piggott
Mark Rylance
Prof. Stanley Wells
Dolly Walker Wraight

and thanks to
Alceste Bulfari
John Bell
Andrew Butcher
Jack Boram
Christina Darell-Brown
Irene Dunn
Mike Frohnsdorff
Prof. Francesco Giacobelli
Barry Greenwald
Adam Grummet
Lorelle Harker
Alan Hart
Prof. Michael Hattaway
Sally James
Julia Jones
Egil Kipste
Tim Kramer
Jo Lapping
Carole Sue Lipman
Susan MacKinnon
Roger Mallion
Fredrick Maltby
Phillip G. Martin
Scott Masterson
Alan McHardy
Ro McHardy
Thomas Merriam
Dave More
Colin Niven
Simone O'Halloran
Angela Prior
Jackie Pope
Tracey Powell
Christopher Powls
Colin Rosewell
Ellen Rubbo
Colin Saxby
Corrie Soeterboek
Michael Standsfield
Francis Sutton
Jonathan Sutton
David Tiley
John Tramper
Dave Thompson
Antonio Ventura
Patricia Wainright
Peter Weir
Karen Yoemans
Lou Wiley
Cesare Zaninelli
Ermanna Zaninelli
George Metcalfe
Roger Hards
and the Marlowe Society

Shakespeare - Scott Ainslie
Hamlet - Dean Atkinson
Marlowe in Italy - Gionato Agisti
Young Marlowe James Dunn
Gravedigger - Tony Barry
Skeres- Richard Burnip
Horatio - Nicholas Cassim
Marlowe in England - Callum Coates
Poley - Andy Hawthorn
Frizer - Daniel Hopkins
Mephostophilis- Richard Jacob
Touchstone - A. T. Schiller
Faustus - Moray Treadwell

Comedia del arte troupe in Italy
Alena Azzini, Cristina Berettera, Mario Brignani, Giovanna Marchioli, Christina Del Mastro, Antonio Minelli, Bepi Monai, Fabio Raimondi, Sonia Rosset, Nachia Rizzo

Scenes from HAMLET

Jennifer Hitchcock

Sound Recordist
Howard Spry

John Domoney

Music Performed by
The Song Company
Pro Musica Sydney

Conducted by Christopher Gordon

Music Engineer
Christo Curtis
Recorded at Studio 301 Sydney
Mixed and Edited at Utopia Audio

Orchestra Contractor
Coralie Hartl
Music Preparation
Peter Mapleson
Laura Bishop
Composer's Assistant
Katrina Schiller

Bruce Donald

Colour Grader
Alan Hansen

Online Editor
David Tindale

Online Conform
Kristian Anderson

Sound Post Production
Digital City Studios

Post Production Facility
Frame, Set & Match

Completion Guarantor
First Australian Completion Bond Company Pty Ltd

Film Insurance Underwriting Agency

Locations, Stills and Research
Adam Hart Publishers Limited
Albion Bookshop
Archivo di Stato
Canterbury Cathedral
Canterbury Archaeological Trust
Canterbury Archives
Chiselhurst Church, Kent
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge
Dickens House Museum, London
Dulwich College
Freud Museum, London
The George Inn
Holy Trinity Church
Igtham Mote, National Trust
King Edward VI Grammar School for Boys
The King's School, Canterbury
National Portrait Gallery, London
Mander Mitcherson Theatre Collection
Palazzo Te, Giulio Romano
Stratford-Upon-Avon Church
Scadbury Ruins
Orpington and District Archaeological Society
Scotney Castle
The National Trust
Shakespeare Centre
Shakespeare's Globe
St. Leonards Church, Kent
St. Nicholas Church, Depford
St. Stephens Cemetery
Thames Trains
Westminster Abbey
Whitgift School

Scenes from AS YOU LIKE IT
Scenes from HENRY IV Part One
Calvin Hoffman interview on the Russell Harty Show
Courtesy of BBC Worldwide

Calvin Hoffman archival footage
The King's School, Canterbury

Scenes from ELIZABETH
Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing Inc

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

Courtesy of Universal Studios Licensing Inc. and
Miramax Films

Mystery Writer Theme composed by Veren Grigorov, Peter Pagac
Performed by Veren Grigorov

"Lay it Down" from Lay it Down: Images of the Sacred
by Linda Allen, performed by John Baker
"Kool Kool Cat called Marlowe"
by Nigel Jackson, performed by Nigel Jackson

Commissioning Editor for the BBC
Nick Fraser

Executive Producer, Documentaries, Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Brian McKenzie

2001 Australian Film Finance Corporation Limited and
The Helpful Eye Pty. Ltd.

Executive Producer for FRONTLINE
David Fanning

A Helpful Eye and Chili Films Production in Association with WGBH/FRONTLINE and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

(c) 2003 The Helpful Eye Pty. Ltd. and WGBH Educational Foundation ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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