Tailhook '91

tailhook '91
In Brief
Tailhook Association Logo At the 35th Annual Tailhook Symposium (September 5 to 7, 1991)at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel, 83 women and 7 men were assaulted during the three-day aviators' convention, according to a report by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DOD).
Investigators for the DOD interviewed 2,900 people who attended Tailhook '91 and obtained photographs, documents and other evidence of crimes and misconduct by naval aviators. This site contains a condensed version of that report.

Party Time Party Time Who Attended?
An estimated 5000 people attended Tailhook '91 over the course of the three-day event. Approximately 4000 of these were Navy and Marine Corps aviation officers. Of the 1680 guests actually registered with the Tailhook Association, some 900 were active duty or Reserve officers. The remaining attendees were contractor personnel, Government civilian employees, retired officers and the general public.

Professional Agenda
Despite the notorious behaviors documented, hundreds of attending officers took part in the professional proceedings at Tailhook '91 and conducted themselves civilly. Over the years, this annual aviation 'symposium' had become an important gathering: it was the one time in the year when a junior officer could directly question the most senior admiral.
What follows is the official professional agenda for the weekend:

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