Where were the authorities?

tailhook '91
Present but ineffective.
In the first part of their inquiry, the DOD investigators concluded that the kind of conduct that took place at the annual conventions was well-known to senior aviation leaders. Of interest in this regard is the letter from the President of the Tailhook Association CAPT. F.W. Ludwig, written to Tailhook members prior to the convention and dealing with "certain problems we've had in past years."
Although aware of the activities at Tailhook, these senior officials were deemed incapable of dealing with the increasingly indulgent behaviors. Over the years, their efforts to control their subordinates were sometimes effective but only for limited periods. The investigators also concluded that the senior leaders of naval aviation were unwilling to take the measures necessary to end the types of conduct they expected would occur at Tailhook.

Some post-Tailhook fallout

Busted Busted Others in charge at Tailhook '91
Twelve hotel security guards were said to have been present at different times throughout the convention, but witnesses say many guards stood by and observed the activities and would not intervene unless asked for help.
Incident reports reveal that guards intervened on a number of occasions relating to overly-intoxicated individuals, stealing of hotel property, fire, altercation, and once the escorting of a partially disrobed woman from the gauntlet.
Despite their reports, the security officers told investigators that no women reported being assaulted nor did any of the guards witness any assaults. The investigation found that two hotel security officers were associate members of the Tailhook Association.

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