The Tailhook Association
P.O. Box 40
Bonita, CA 91908-0040

Phone: (619) 689-9223

15 August


Dear Tailhook Representative:
Enclosed you will find a copy of the floor plan and the location of your suite. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tailhook at our toll free number 1-800-322-HOOK Please be patient, our lines are crazy this time of year.
This year we want to make sure everyone is aware of certain problems we've had in past years.
As last year, you will only be charged for damage inside your suite. The Association will pay for common area damage. In order to keep damage charges to a minimum inside your suite, please make sure you check-in with someone from the Association. You may do this by calling the Tailhook Suite prior to moving into your suite. Our representative, a Hilton representative from housekeeping, and you will go over your suite prior to move-in. Please make sure you sign the form our representative will have and retain a copy. On Sunday, 9 September we will again inspect the suites in the same manner. Damage not listed on the check-in form will be the squadron's responsibility. If you do not check-in with the Association we will not be able to dispute any damage charges made by the Hilton Hotel.
In past years we have had a problem with under age participants. If you see someone who does not look like they belong in our group, or look under age please ask f or a ID. If they are under age, or do not have ID, please ask them to leave or contact Seeurity. It is important that we try to eliminate those under the age of 21. If they were to leave the hotel and cause an accident, hurting themselves or anyone else, the Association, along with the squadron, the Navy, and the Hilton could be sued and Tailhook would come to an end. Please assist us in this matter.
Also, in the past we have had a problem with late night "gang mentality.' If you see this type of behavior going on, please make an effort to curtail it either by saying something, calling security or contacting someone from the Association. We will have people on the floor in blue committee shirts should you need them for any reason.
Tailhook will also have a flight surgeon aboard this year. Should you, or anyone you know need a "DOC', please call the Tailhook Suite or make contact with a committee member. Security will also have his beeper number.
Remember, when bringing in your suite supplies do so with discretion. We are not allowed to bring certain articles into the Hilton. Please cover your supplies by putting them la parachute bags or boxes, DO NOT BORROW LAUNDRY BASKETS FROM THE HILTON. THEIR SENSE OF HUMOR DOES NOT GO THAT FAR!!! Supplies may be purchased in town from "WOW". They have a number of items that may be purchased or rented for your suite. The lanai suites do not have wet bars You will need to set-up your own bar. The Hilton does not supply such items.
We suggest you remove your telephones from your suite so you are not paying for someone elses long distance calls. This has happened in the past. Also, make sure the phones are returned to the room. This is an item we have all forgotten to check on our check-in/check-out inspection. Please look for outlets in your suite by the beds and in the bathroom. Almost all suites have a phone outlet in the bathroom. It IS VERY MPORTANT THAT YOU CHECK THE BATHROOM FOR A PHONE OR AN OUTLET and note it!
Please make sure your duty officers are SOBER and prepared to handle any problems that may arise in your suite. It is necessary for them to be willing to work with the Association staff. We will make every effort to handle all problems. REMEMBER .... TRERE ARE TO BE NO "QUICK HIT" DRINKS served. LEWD AND LASCIVIOUS behavior is unacceptable. The behavior in your suite reflects on both your squadron and your commanding officer.
Have a great time. Thank you for your continued support of the Tailhook Association. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.


Frederic G. Ludwig, Jr.
Captain, U. S. Navy

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