The Rhino Suite
(Documentation is from the Department of Defense Inspector General report, February 1993)

The Gauntlet
Pool/Patio Area

Hilton Suite Number: 308
Commanding Officer: N/A
Executive Officer: N/A
Suite Coordinator(s): Capt David Prudhomme, USMC
Contributing Squadrons: None
Squadron Members Attending: Unable to determine
Suite Financing: Proceeds from the sale of the squadron automobile amountingto $3,000; proceeds from the sale of squadron T-shirts; and a$50 charge to all former squadron members attending Tailhook
Hours of Operation: Thursday, I 1: 00 p. m. to Friday, 2: 00 a. m.; Friday, I 1: 00p.m. to Saturday, 2:00 a.m.; Saturday, 6:00 p.m. to Sunday, 2:00 a.m.
Type of Alcohol Served: Beer, "Rhino Spunk" (rum, Kahlua, milk/cream and ice), and rum and Coke
Total Cost of Alcohol: Unable to determine
Total Cost of Suite Damage: $530, to include damage to suite and carpet cleaning
headgear The VMFP-3 suite was called the "Rhino" room or suite, as the rhinoceros was the squadron mascot. In addition, former squadron members in attendance at Tailhook '91 could be identified as such as they wore headgear in the form of a rhinoceros horn at various times throughout the weekend.
By most accounts, the suite was organized and administered as an entertainment suite. Although the VMFP-3 squadron was deactivated in l990, former squadron members sponsored the suite at Tailhook '91. Since the squadron had been deactivated. no squadron commander or XO was present at the convention. However, the former CO and XO (both active duty) did attend Tailhook '91.
rhino rhino Suite activities centered around a hand painted mural of a rhinoceros (approximately 5' x 8') to which was affixed a dildo rigged by squadron members for use as a drink dispensing mechanism. The dildo dispensed an alcoholic based liquid referred to as "Rhino Spunk."
Former squadron members stated that women were not forced, coerced or intimidated in any way to drink from the dildo. However, during the course of our investigation, five women reported being physically restrained when they refused to drink, as aviator chanted or verbally harssed them.
Other activities included women exposing thier breasts to obtain squadron T-shirts, mooning, disrobing, and consensual sex.

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