Victims & Assaults
(Documentation is from the Department of Defense Inspector General report, February 1993)

victim chart

victim 7
victim 9
victim 11
victim 19
victim 37
victim 38
victim 50
male victims

victim chart Even though most of the victims of Tailhook were women (as shown in the chart), there were instances of assaults on men.
All of the documented assaults happened in various areas of the third floor. Click on victim numbers for details of the assaults, including the most well known - victim #50, LT. Paula Coughlin.

Post-Tailhook letters from top officials concerning the misconduct:
  • Letter (10/11/91)
    from CAPT. Ludwig, Jr President, Tailhook Association
    (regarding "unprofessionalism" at Tailhook '91).

  • Letter (10/29/91)
    from H. Lawrence Garrett III Secretary of the Navy
    (Deploring Tailhook '91 and terminating all Navy support for the Tailhook Association.)

The Gauntlet
Pool/Patio Area

All of the "hospitality suites" for Tailhook '91were located on the third floor of the Hilton. Some of the rooms were adjacent to the pool/patio area, where incidents of streaking were reported. The hallway that led from the elevators past the suites was known as The Gauntlet. It was this area that held the highest percentage of assault claims. However, there were a few other notable suites, all of which were hosted by Naval squadrons. One suite known as the Rhino suite was hosted by a sqaundron that had been deacitvated the previous year.

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