(Documentation is from the Department of Defense Inspector General report, February 1993)

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Status/Service/Rank: Lieutenant (0-3) United States Navy/Female
Date/Time of Incidents: Thursday, September 5, 1991 10:30-11:00 p.m. Saturday, September 7, 1991 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Place of Incident: Hallway, Third Floor, Las Vegas Hilton
Victim 7 is a 30-year-old female United States Navy lieutenant. She attended Tailhook '91 with two female friends, one civilian and one Naval Reserve officer. This was the second convention she attended, the first in 1990.
The victim told us that at Tailhook '90, she went down the hallway and was grabbed. She believed that the "brass" knew about the harassment and lewd behavior toward women in the hallway at Tailhook '90 and assumed they would address the behavior. Thus, she did not report her assault nor anything she saw to any higher authority.
According to the victim, while outside on the pool patio area at approximately 10:30 to 11:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 5, 1991, several males placed squadron stickers on her buttocks. Also on that evening, two to three males touched and patted her on the buttocks. Later, while in a suite, possibly the Top Gun, suite, she attempted to enter the rest room. A male blocked the doorway and would not let her enter. She told the male that her friend was in the rest room, but he still would not let her in. When she tried to go around him, he grabbed her shoulder with one hand to stop her. She told the male to take his hands off her and pushed his hand away. The male then grabbed her again, and she pushed him away from her. The male called her a "cunt," whereupon she threw her drink on him and ran out the door. The male began to follow, until she stopped to talk to three older men. She told the male that the older men were her protection, and he left her alone.
The victim told us that as a result of her being assaulted in the hallway at Tailhook 90, she knew to avoid the hallway in 1991 and was able for the most part to do so. The only exception was one incident on Saturday, when she was escorted by three other naval officers, one female and two males. According to the victim, while walking down the main hallway of the third floor, she was grabbed on the crotch by a male. She turned around, grabbed the male's arm and punched him with her free hand. The victim felt very capable of dealing with the crowd because she had other "guys" with her, she indicated that she is not the "type" to let some guy get away with pawing me if I can help it."
The victim explained that the gauntlet, as experienced witnessed by her, "was not a formal organized thing; it was a bunch of drunken men in the hallway abusing women as they walked by." The victim stated that the gauntlet started at the elevator bays and continued along the hallway through room 360.

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