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The Globe and Mail   John Doyle

… "Frontline: Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald? is the most significant of all the programs marking this anniversary of the assassination of JFK.

"Three hours long and years in the making, it's painstaking, troubling, and thorough. …

"The program takes as its starting point the assertion that the key to understanding how Kennedy was assassinated and why lies in the person and personality of Oswald. It suggests that, over the decades, all the theorists and historians have drifted away from Oswald and have left unfinished business. …"

The Times-Picayune   David Walker

"Oliver Stone's brilliant-but-bonkers 1991 movie 'JFK' was the primary inspiration for tonight's episode of 'Frontline,' television's premiere documentary series. …

"If you're not suffering from John F. Kennedy exhaustion, consider it essential viewing. …

"[Frontline's] conclusion, following a year of work by more than a dozen reporters and producers -- that Oswald might've been influenced by shadowy entities, but he likely acted alone -- chaps many of the buffs for whom the assassination remains an obsession. …

"The program itself remains intact from 1993. Nothing significant has emerged in the past decade to require a new edit of the Oswald 'Frontline.' …"

Newsday   Verne Gay

… "'Frontline's' first-rate 'Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?' … first appeared in 1993 and so thoroughly and convincingly debunked the conspiracists that it's fair to ask: Why the pile-on [of other JFK assassination TV programs] tonight? …"

Fort Worth Star-Telegram   David Bianculli

"Originally broadcast 10 years ago, this three-hour special examines the life, and death, of Oswald in terms that are impressively complete."


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posted november 20, 2003

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