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a note to marina
When Oswald didn't come home on the night of April 10, 1963, Marina went into his study -- which he had told her never to enter -- and found this note, written in Russian. That night Oswald had attempted to assassinate General Edwin Walker, a virulent anti-Communist. Oswald had prepared a book of operations for the plan, including photos of Walker's house, the place where he would hide the rifle, maps, and documentation that laid out his reasons for killing Walker. Oswald viewed Walker as a potential Hitler and saw himself leaving a mark on history if he were to kill Walker.

The Walker case would not be resolved until after the Kennedy assassination, when Marina Oswald told her story and the Walker bullet was linked to Oswald's rifle. No co-conspirators were ever identified.

This is the key to the mailbox which is located in the main post office in the city on Ervay Street. This is the same street where the drugstore, in which you always waited, is located. You will find the mailbox in the post office which is located 4 blocks from the drugstore on that street. I paid for the box last month so don't worry about it.

2. Send the information as to what happened to me to the [Russian] Embassy and include newspaper clippings (should there be anything about me in the newspapers.) I believe the Embassy will come quickly to your assistance on learning everything.

3. I paid the house rent on the 2nd so don't worry about it.

4. Recently I also paid for water and gas.

5. The money from work will possible be coming. The money will be sent to our post office box. Go to the bank and cash the check.

6. You can either throw out or give my clothing, etc., away. Do not keep these. however, I prefer that you hold onto my personal papers (military, civil, etc.).

7. Certain of my documents are in the small blue valise

8. the address book can be found on my talbe in the study should you need same.

9. We have friends here. The Red Cross also will help ou.

10. I left you as much money as I could, $50…You and [June] can live for another 2 months using $10 per week.

11. If I am alive and taken prisoner, the city jail is located at the end of the bridge through which we always passed on going to the city …


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posted november 20, 2003

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