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Orlando Sentinel   Hal Boedeker

"…The notable for its context, detail and reporting. The last requires work, rather than talking off the top of your head. 'Rumsfeld's War' provides the actual, in-depth variety of journalism, with Frontline and The Washington Post pooling their efforts. Five Post reporters trace Rumsfeld's battle to reshape the Defense Department and wage war on terrorism. The program explores problems in Iraq to raise an issue that will last far beyond election season: the future of the Army. …

…the main lesson of 'Rumsfeld's War,' in journalistic terms, is that Post reporters deserve more time on television."

The Ottawa Citizen   Alex Strachan

"…'Frontline' doesn't lecture, sermonize, pass judgment or pose a polemic. 'Rumsfeld's War' tells its story clearly, a remarkable visual document of history past and history in the making, and it's fascinating to watch."

Cleveland News-Herald   David S. Glasier

"...'Rumsfeld's War' has nothing to do with media bias or political ideology and everything to do with getting the truth out there. ...

This documentary does its best work in squaring the pronouncements made by Rumsfeld before the March 2003 invasion of Iraq and the inescapable truth of everything that's happened since."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch   Kevin Horrigan

"The Army's and the State Department's fingerprints are all over an advance copy of 'Rumsfeld's War.' The 90-minute program lays out the case that the Iraq war was a sequel to a bureaucratic war."

United Features Syndicate

"…an in-depth character study of the secretary of defense and a concise history of how America's military has evolved since Vietnam. ...

Neither a celebration nor an indictment of Rumsfeld's record, 'War' is a thoughtful look at what happens when a forceful new manager takes on an entrenched establishment and how lessons taken from quick successes can lead to long-term problems."

CNN Headline News   Carol Costello

"...a fascinating documentary on the man who runs the U.S. military."

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posted oct. 26, 2004

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