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Keeping the Lid on Germ Warfare by Al J. Venter

Jane's Defense Weekly, May 1, 1998
An overview of how genetic engineering is making the biological weapons threat ever more deadly. Focusing on the potential of genetically altering anthrax bacterium and botulinum toxin, the author looks at the Soviets' work with anthrax and the Japanese sect Aum Shinrikyo's attempts to genetically engineer botulism toxin with E.coli bacteria.

Bioarmageddon by Debora MacKenzie

New Scientist, Sept. 19, 1998
MacKenzie summarizes the formidable obstacles that exist in creating effective anti-bioweapon defenses - from protective gear, to detection gadgets, to medicines. It's a gloomy report, the only bright side being the United States' new urgency in addressing the bio-terrorist threat.

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