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The heart of what ultimately defines Karol Woytyla, the man and the pope, is his religious faith. As Monsignor Lorenzo Albacete, who knows him well, says--"For him, the human being is the believing creature. What defines a human being is faith."

Below, four believers and non-believers talk in deeply moving detail about spiritual yearning, faith's mystery and meaning, and, finding or losing faith. (These videos are a longer interview with these four people, compared to what was seen in FRONTLINE's program.)

Click on a photo to start watching (You'll need RealPlayer G2 to view these video clips).

Germaine Greer Robert Stone Andrea Marcovicci Roman Braga
germaine greer robert stone andrea marcovicci roman braga
Germaine Greer is an author and journalist whose works include The Female Eunuch; Sex and Destiny; and The Politics of Human Fertility.
Novelist Robert Stone is an author of many books including Dog Soldiers, A Flag for Sunrise, Images of War, Outerbridge Reach and most recently, Damascus Gate.
Andrea Marcovicci is a celebrated international caberet singer.
Roman Braga is a 78 year-old Romanian priest who was imprisoned in a Communist gulag for eleven years.

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