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the catholic church and sex

The Catholic Church and Sex

What is behind the Church's opposition to abortion,contraception, homosexuality and women's ordination? This overview summarizes Church tradition, doctrine and fundamental principles which in many ways link all these issues.

View a Roundtable Discussion on The Catholic Church and Sex.

This spirited discussion covers the following topics:

1. The Church's views on birth control and women
2. Birth control and the population issue
3. The Church's views on homosexuality and the ordination of women

An Interview with Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton

He is an outspoken critic of the Vatican's position on gays and in 1997 issued a call for gay clergy and religious to come out of the closet.

An Interview with Tom Economus

He was executive director of Linkup, a national organization which he founded for victims of clergy sexual abuse. He also was an ordained priest in the Independent Catholic Church. He died in March 2002.

Like a Prayer by Dr. Rafael Campo

An essay [excerpted] in which this poet-doctor reveals his human vulnerabilities as a doctor, and his hurt and longings as a gay man confronting a Church which rejects him.

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