TO: Howard Kurtz
FR: J. S. Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

I urge all journalists to go fishing, bowling, hunting,tennis etc. as far away from Washington D.C. (Ft. Bumble East) as you can. Mingle with the average american.The ones who work every day, who look forward to the weekend. I do not believe they have anything in common with the DC reporters or the DC TV stars(reporters)I hate to use that word as you can not believe what they write or say. When I was a young man(1960) I knew several police reporters (I was a police officer from 1960-65)you could discuss cases with them and their word was their bond.Not now;reporters are like lawyers never believe what they write or say. Now days to get to the truth you have to read and listen to many sources. The average amer- ican does not have the time, and it is hurting this country far more than we understand.

My wife and I enjoyed the program but I believe it will fall on deaf ears. I hope not, but as a fisherman I have faith. Keep on telling the truth.

Question: How do you get the majority of people to have faith and trust in reporters again?

Howard Kurtz Replies:

I think it's a bit much to suggest that one can't believe anything that Washington reporters write or say. One thing the Frontline report glossed over is that there are a couple thousand working grunts--on newspapers, magazines and in TV--who do their jobs competently, don't pop off on talk shows and don't hit the lecture circuit. They remain the backbone of the profession. The way for journalism as a whole to regain public confidence is to curb our tendency toward arrogance, pass up sensational stories, be a little less cozy with the people we cover and, for those affected, stop taking cash from special-interest groups on the speaking circuit.

Howard Kurtz

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