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  •    Why the French Like Nuclear Power
    An explanation of the French attitude and a French politician's shrewd strategy to handle nuclear energy's Achilles' heel--waste.

  •    'Chernobyl'
    How the Chernobyl catastrophe happened and why it's highly unlikely such an event could occur at a U.S. reactor.

  •    The U.S. Decision to Not Reprocess Nuclear Spent Fuel: Two Views
    Two decades after Jimmy Carter banned the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel--fearing it could lead to nuclear proliferation and terrorism--two nuclear scholars analyze that action and its impact from opposing viewpoints.

  •    "Searching for Safety"
    An examination of the mistakes and miscalculations that dogged the AEC and the development of nuclear power. From Robert Pool's forthcoming book, BEYOND ENGINEERING: How Society Shapes Technology.

  •    'Three Mile Island- The Judge's Ruling'
    "The paucity of proof alleged in support of Plaintiffs case is manifest."
    In June 1996, Judge Sylvia Rambo dismissed the lawsuit filed against Metropolitan Edison Company on behalf of plaintiffs who lived in the area of the Three Mile Island plant and claimed a variety of health injuries caused by gamma radiation exposure from the accident. Here is a summary of Rambo's ruling and her reasons for dismissal.

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