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Filmed over the course of three turbulent years, "China in the Red" follows 10 Chinese individuals -- from Beijing factory workers to rural villagers and a millionaire entrepreneur -- caught up in China's sweeping efforts to transform itself from a communist society to a global market economy. It is a tumultuous and often painful transformation. Here are glimpses of six of these people and their stories.

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Feng Hui-Xiu
Manager's assistant, Beijing

Mu Sui-Xin
Mayor, Shenyang

Nie Zheng
Photographer, Beijing

Tian Xiao-Wei
Peasant, Chestnut Flower Village

Zhang Shu-Yan
Laborer, Shenyang

Zang Wu
Businessman, Beijing


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Zhang Shuyan Mu Sui-Xin Zhang Wu Nie Zheng Feng Hui-Xiu Tian Xiao-Wei