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I think we were put on this earth to do something constructive, and constructive for me was work work work


from his interview
Q: What has helped you enjoy retirement?

Shortly before I retired, I read a book that my wife placed in my hands, which was very fortunate. It is such a wonderful book that I strongly urge every senior to read it. It is called The Fountain of Age by Betty Friedan. I'm going to condense a quotation from the book, by a man named [Leibowitz]. It is very interesting. He said this to the author, shortly after his retirement:

"The adventure continues as long as the energy flows and one continues being involved in the changing interests of the community and the world. All the talk about people losing neurons of the brain due to their age is really all about people closing doors on [all the] sources of energy. Instead, open these doors with new ideas, hopes, and feelings."

I thought this was very appropriate for somebody who's going to retire or thinking about retirement. As for myself, I'm involved in taking college courses, computer courses, working out in the gym three days a week, doing volunteer work at the Paleontology Department of the American Museum of Natural History. Walking, exercising, reading. I manage to keep busy. And while I personally am not connected to the Internet, I do use it occasionally at the library. I don't want to become addicted, even though there are some wonderful and informative things on it.

Q: What was your reaction to the FRONTLINE program - "My Retirement Dreams" - in which you appeared?

I loved the film. It was very well done. I felt, in addition, there could have been seniors who still are striving to keep being mentally alert and physically fit, rather than sitting on a bench or playing bingo [for more time]. I feel it's most important to be stimulated rather than being put out to pasture. This point of view could have been, I guess, more a part of the presentation. But as it is, it was very well done.


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