A Look at the Land of our Second Chance

linkHoward Salzman

He rejoices in retirement as an adventure and a chance to reinvent yourself, let go of the past and find peace and wisdom. Age 71. Born in New York. Studied at New York University and Adelphi College. Came to Florida in 1955 and worked for almost 40 years as salesman, buyer, manager. After retirement, he completed a degree in philosophy at University of Miami and Florida International University. Teaches at Elders Institute at Florida International and writes poetry. Divorced and father of two daughters.

link Salzman's poems on time and love

link His thoughts on the rewards of retirement, and some books which helped guide him to happiness and productivity as a retiree


Louis Shroerlink

He seeks out new interests and relishes the freedom of time to explore them in retirement. Age 80. Born in Brooklyn, New York. A captain of artillery in World War II, he served in Italy and Africa. For 30 year owned Natural Bridge Shoe Shop (ladies shoes) in Jamaica, New York. Sold the store and worked for 17 years for a department store. Married and father of two sons: an actor/musician and, a psychiatrist. Three grandchildren. Since 1994, he has divided his time between New York and Miami Beach.

link More about Shroer's life as a retiree and his reflections on making a successful transition.


linkBetty Sullivan

Retirement is a liberation for Betty from decades of the responsibilities of work and family. Age 69. Born in Chicopee, Mass., graduated from a local Catholic college, Our Lady of the Elms. Later studied at the University of Massachussets at Amherst where she met her husband. Together they owned an appliance and sewing machine store. In 1965 they moved to Florida where for 17 year she was an administrator at the Department of Animal Pathology at the University of Miami. Divorced, mother of seven children.

link "The next chapter...." - More about Betty Sullivan's attitude toward retirement.


Regina Blanklink

Family, old friends and an independent life give Regina happiness and contentment as a retiree.

Age 89. Born in Poland. Survived the Holocaust hiding in the forest. Emigrated to the United States in 1957. Lived in Cleveland, Ohio and worked 18 years as a seamstress at May Co. department store. Moved to Florida in 1975. A widow, with two grandchildren, Regina wants to keep her independence, her old friends and relationships and she rejected moving into Century Village a Miami area complex for seniors.

link Pictures of Regina with her family and with her poker club friends


linkBarbara Udell

Udell, M.S.W., has motivated people to higher levels of personal/professional productivity for 25 years at the Florida Pritkin Longevity Center where she is Director of Lifestyle Education. Age 60. Born in Baltimore, she has lived in Miami 41 years. She has three daughters, two step-sons, and five grandchildren (and more on the way!). Her second husband, Barton, is an attorney.

link "Retirement Dreams" - Udell's thoughts on finding happiness and fulfillment in retirement.


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