retirement dreams by Barbara Udell, M.S.W.


You can't change the wind, but you can adjust your sails

When you worked, there was control and predictability, but when you retire you are in an unstable world. There is a change in the immune system, and we become more vulnerable to various health problems. Not because of age, but because of change. Research shows that most heart attacks occur within 18 months of retirement - and you thought working was stressful!!


Hello, where did I go?

For most of us, who we are, is based on what we do. If we become too dependent on this mind-set and our job ends, we lose our sense of identity. So before, or soon after retirement, we need to redefine who we are in a positive and meaningful way. Recycle yourself!!!


I married you for life, not for lunch!

Before retirement, separateness can be very healthy for togetherness. When a couple is thrown together full-time an attitude adjustment is needed. Sometimes counseling can be very helpful in assisting the couple with this change in their lives.


Hello, where did I go?

Ask yourself the question, "What will I do for the next ten, twenty, or thirty years?" We find ourselves in unknown and unchartered ground. "Get a grip and get it together!"


It's okay to look back, but it's not okay to stare!

Many professionals miss their personal career space and some have been known to rent office space after they have retired to maintain their routine and sense of importance. They'll tell their friends, "Call me at the office" just so they have a place to go.


You can get used to anything but hanging--so good health, and good luck with the rest of your life!



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