The tabloid reporters and photographers who were part of the media frenzy covering Diana, Princess of Wales - and the Fleet Street newspaper editors who decided which stories and pictures to publish. [Note:   These interviews were conducted before  Princess Diana's death.]

harry arnold
Arnold was royal reporter for The Sun, 1976-1990. He and his partner, photographer Arthur Edwards, were charged with getting the latest scoops on Charles and Diana.

wf deedes Lord Deedes was editor of the Daily Telegraph (1974-1986) and currently is a columnist for the paper.

arthur edwards Edwards is royal photographer for The Sun and teamed up with The Sun's royal reporter, Harry Arnold, in covering Princess Diana and the Royal Family.

roy greenslade Greenslade was editor of The Daily Mirror, 1990-1991, and assistant editor at The Sun for six years.

glenn harvey Harvey is a freelance photographer who covered Princess Diana.

max hastings Hastings was editor of The Daily Telegraph, 1986-1995.

anthony holden Holden is the author of two books on Prince Charles.

simon jenkins Jenkins was editor of The Times, 1990-1992.

ken lennox Lennox was royal photographer for The Daily Mirror, 1986-1994.

andrew morton Morton is a royal reporter who has written several books on the Royal Family, including Diana: Her True Story, on which Princess Diana secretly collaborated.

richard stott Stott was editor of The Daily Mirror, 1991-1992.

james whitaker Whitaker has reported on the Royal Family since the 1960s. He is The Daily Mirror's royal reporter.

sir peregrine worsthorne Worsthorne is columnist for The Sunday Telegraph.

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