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Structure of Nuclear Facilities in Russia

map of nuclear facilities in russia

The major installations of the Russian nuclear weapons complex are the ten 'closed nuclear cities' managed by the Russian Federation Ministry for Atomic Energy (Minatom). These facilities design, maintain and dismantle weapons and produce fissile materials and weapon components. It is estimated that 732,000 people live in the closed cities, and approximately 127,000 are employed in the key nuclear enterprises.

Arzamas-16, SarovNuclear Weapon Design, Nuclear Weapon Assembly/Disassembly
Chelyabinsk-70, SnezhinskNuclear Weapon Design
Chelyabinsk-65, Ozersk, MayakPlutonium Production, Tritium Production, Weapon Component Fabrication
Krasnoyarsk-26, ZheleznogorskPlutonium Production
Krasnoyarsk-45, ZelenogorskUranium Enrichment
Penza-19, ZarachnyyNuclear Weapon Assembly/Disassembly
Sverdlovsk-44, Novoural'skUranium Enrichment
Sverdlovsk-45, LesnoyNuclear Weapon Assembly/Disassembly, Weapon Component Fabrication
Tomsk-7, SeverskPlutonium Production, Uranium Enrichment
Zlatoust-36, TrekhgornyyNuclear Weapon Assembly/Disassembly

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