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Bruce Blair

FRONTLINE's report, "Plague War," offers analyses by Russian, U.S. and British experts on the Soviets' biological weapons projects; the status of Russia's current stockpile; a report on a Soviet anthrax leak in 1979; information on bio-agents and the biological warfare threat; and the state of U.S. preparedness.

Matthew Bunn

How easy is it to steal and sell plutonium and highly-enriched uranium from Russian nuclear facilities? FRONTLINE's 1996 "Loose Nukes" report details major seizures in Europe of fissile nuclear material which was smuggled out of Russian nuclear facilities. The interviews section has U.S. policy experts, nuclear smugglers, international law enforcement and Russian scientists discussing what happened and how, and what they're trying to do to tighten customs control and improve nuclear sites' security.


A chronology of significant nuclear weapon events since 1945 has been prepared by Reuters News and the European Commission. It includes a rundown of nuclear reduction treaties and a list of nations known, or assumed, to have nuclear weapons.

The Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute for International Studies

The Center for Nonproliferation Studies at the Monterey Institute for International Studies offers several significant reports on nuclear weapons and proliferation. For example, it publishes on its site a bimonthly analysis of nonproliferation questions related to North Korea.

The Brookings Institution

The Brookings Institution (a public policy think tank) has a range of material on nuclear non-proliferation. Go to their "Security" home page. If you enter "proliferation" into their search engine, you'll find abstracts to several of the works they have produced on proliferation issues. In addition, the site offers pictures of small atomic demolition munitions, including the U.S. version of a 'suitcase bomb'- the W54 Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM).

The Federation of American Scientists

Good, updated overviews on US and USSR/Russian nuclear stockpiles, materials and forces --using tables and graphs-- is offered at the web site of The Federation of American Scientists .

An American Legacy:  Building a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World one of many resources on nuclear non-proliferation offered at this web site of The Henry L. Stimson Center, an independent, nonprofit, public policy institute which focuses on security issues.

The United States Arms Control and Disarmament Agency the U.S. government agency charged with negotiating arms control treaties with other nations. Their extensive web site provides the text to many important arms control treaties, factual compilations, such as World Military Expenditures and Arms Transfers for 1995, 1996, 1997 and treaties, including the text of START I and START II. This site also offers an extensive archive, which includes documents such as a "Joint Statement by Secretary of State Warren Christopher and Russian Foreign Minister Yevgeniy Primakov on the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty," the "Safe, Secure Dismantlement (SSD) Initiatives With Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine," the "Safe, Secure Dismantlement (SSD) Initiatives with Russia," the "U.S. Nunn-Lugar Safety, Security, Dismantlement Program," and the "U.S.-Russian Agreement on Highly-Enriched Uranium."

The Russian-American Nuclear Advisory Council an organization comprised of prominent nuclear policymakers and technicians from Russia and the United States and devoted to developing new, cooperative nuclear security initiatives. There are a number of relevant documents on nuclear security and non-proliferation issues on their site, such as "Fissile Material Security In the Post-Cold-War World", as well as a series of documents concerned with the security of Russia's arsenal.

The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program

Since 1992, The Cooperative Threat Reduction Program funded by the U.S. Department of Defense has worked with the former republics of the Soviet Union--Belarus, Kazahkstan, the Ukraine--on projects to dismantle their nuclear weapons. It is also working to help secure and safeguard Russia's arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. The various projects of CTRP are listed on this site.

The Center for Defense Information

...provides an overview of each Russian nuclear delivery system with pictures, descriptions, history and, their future as related to the START nuclear arms reduction treaties. CDI also produces videos on defense policy issues, including at least two on nuclear weapons, entitled "Can We Learn to Live Without Nuclear Weapons" and "The Military's Nuclear Mess." (Some transcripts are offered on the site.)

Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies

For some Russian perspectives on START II and the prospect of further nuclear arms reductions, the status and future of Russia's nuclear forces, Russia's early warning system, and the issue of de-alerting nuclear forces, explore the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology's Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies. Its site offers a good collection of articles and discussions.

Magazine to Magazine Remote Monitoring Field Trial

The U.S.'s Sandia National Laboratories and Russia's Arzamas-16 laboratory have teamed up to develop remote monitoring systems for assuring the safety, security and international accountability of fissile materials. Their Magazine to Magazine Remote Monitoring Field Trial offers a glimpse of the data and technology in this collaborative project.

The International Atomic Energy Agency

...a UN agency, oversees global efforts against nuclear proliferation and limiting nuclear technologies to peaceful purposes. Their site contains a range of resources. For example, the homepage highlights the worries and activities concerning the Y2K issue and how Y2K could affect nuclear installations and systems.

Washington's Arms Control Association a respected, non-governmental organization focusing on arms control policies. Their site offers fact-sheets, reports, and primary documents.

Natural Resource Defense Council's Nuclear Program

The Natural Resource Defense Council's Nuclear Program site features approximately 25 articles on issues surrounding nuclear weapons, some available online.

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