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This letter was sent to the hotel in London where Darichev and Porgrebevskij were meeting with the Miami undercover agents. It was intercepted before the Lithuanians received it. There were two versions -- one in Russian and one in English -- and U.S. Customs believed that it was meant to warn Darichev that he might be dealing with the FBI or CIA and at the same time to scare the agents that someone was "on to them." It is signed with the name Valery, who is probably the man identified in one wiretap as Valerii Donitzovich.

Scientific-Technical Center

Academy of Natural
Sciences Russian Federation
Section of Geopolitics and Security
Russia 197042, St, Petersburg, Krestovsky pr., 9
PO Box 934
Tel: (812) 230-20-86 gen. dir.
(812) 230-21-86 secretary
Fax: (812) 230-54-70

Date 3.10.96

To Darichev A.
Room N 3007

On the problem of payment for products sold by the Bulgarian company in England.

Dear Alexander,

The situation does reek of the FBI provocation. The USA tries to weaken the position of all more or less serious companies selling weapons. The analogous situation was observed in the USA during sale of Chinese submachine guns by the Chinese company representatives. Any of the most frightful criminals, any member of any criminal clan can come either to Bulgaria, Russia or Lithuania without fear if he has not committed a crime just on the territory of a visited country (or if he is not wanted by the Interpol). Only representatives of special services who prepare an act of porovocation (sic) and are afraid of plunging into situations which can provoke them try to avoid a visit to a country where a seller or an intermediary lives. The Americans consider themselves to be very clever but in reality they are dull and primitive. It is proved by recurrent use of one and the same provocation outline and methods of carrying on negotiations.

As for systems of protection from high-precision weapons one can say that customers either have sent idiots who know nothing or (this probability is maximum taking into account all the facts) lads from the FBI or CIA want to get a specimen of the system free of charge hoping to arrest it on its delivery to England.

Please, try to explain to these fools that they should either buy products in accordance with the existing international regulations or search for idiots in some other places.

Even buying the system for protection from high-precision weapons for the proposed nominal price they save considerable sums of money as they will spend more than one hundred million dollars on development of such systems. Their desire to get a valuable and expensive thing for nothing demonstrates that they consider us to be fools being complete idiots themselves.

Sincerely yours,


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