The inside story of the struggle to design the Freedom Tower -- the signature skyscraper that will rise from Ground Zero.
Sacred Ground

photo of the architects, pataki, silverstein & bettsThe Freedom Tower: A Symbol of New York, America and Freedom - The story of the architects' battle over this symbolic tower, the evolution of the final design, and the critics' evaluation.
Pictures: The Designs for Ground Zero

Views of the current master plan, the early architectural submissions, and the global competition's finalists. Plus, a look at Ground Zero's stakeholders.

The Architects

A closer look at the architectural philosophies of David Childs and Daniel Libeskind, with a slideshow of their best-known works.

The Limits of Architecture

Architecture critic Paul Goldberger on how power, politics, money and architecture collided during the planning process for Ground Zero.


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posted sept. 7, 2004

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