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Rebuilding at Ground Zero
An interactive look at the various buildings that are being planned for the former World Trade Center site as of September 2004. [Requires Macromedia Flash Player 5.0 or later, 103Kb]


The Preliminary Designs
The story behind the first set of designs for Ground Zero -- and why they were overwhelmingly rejected.


The Innovative Design Study
The second round of designs for Ground Zero -- which resulted in the selection of Daniel Libeskind as the site's master planner -- were released to acclaim from the public and critics alike. Here is an examination of Libeskind's plan as well as the eight other inventive proposals for the site where the twin towers once stood.


The Stakeholders
Profiles of the individuals, companies and organizations with a role in the redevelopment of Ground Zero. Plus, a look at some of those representing the public interest.



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posted sept. 7, 2004

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