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Houston Chronicle Mike McDaniel

"Television's leader in investigative journalism continues its string of excellence with 'From China With Love,' a harrowing look at spooks in love and how U.S. intelligence about China has been compromised because of it."


The Miami Herald Glenn Garvin

"... From China With Love is an engaging, if too limited, look at the latest case, a murky and troubling blend of sexual and racial intrigues that raises difficult questions about espionage and national security. ...

"Since neither [Katrina Leung or J.J. Smith] has been tried yet, From China With Love is necessarily vague at times. It concentrates on the elements of the case that have emerged in pre-trial court proceedings -- particularly how the investigation got started and how it went off-track. And the details that emerge are ghastly for the FBI's reputation. ..."


The Kansas City Star Aaron Barnhart

"... 'From China With Love' makes clear that, guilty or not, the alleged Chinese double agent and the spy who loved her are one of the juiciest stories to come out of the FBI since J. Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson vacationed together. ..."


Entertainment Weekly Tim Carvell

"The U.S. recruited Katrina Leung to spy for them; turns out, she romanced her FBI handler and is now accused of being a double agent working for China. Spicy as that sounds, this dry account -- relying on talking heads and stock footage ... -- feels like a turgid Atlantic Monthly article brought to life."


The Hartford Courant Roger Catlin

"... Lest you think the story of informant and possible double agent Katrina Leung and FBI special agent J.J. Smith is akin to something you'd see on late-night premium cable, be advised that it's a story involving little but talking heads, government and court documents read by actors and a tangle of intrigue so muddled that there's barely a spark in what at first seemed like a steamy proposition. ..."


T.V. Guide Paul Droesch

"Members of the FBI shouldn't sleep with their 'assets' -- they might turn out to be Chinese double agents.

"That's the lesson drawn from this atmospheric report..."


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posted january 15, 2004

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