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The 'Parlor Maid' Case

The story of Katrina Leung and her two FBI lovers -- and analysis of the potential damage. Plus, J.J. and Katrina's defense.

chronology: the parlor maid investigation
A chronological outline of the "Parlor Maid" story, drawn from the government's court filings in the cases against Katrina Leung and J.J. Smith.
assessing the damage
Information provided by Katrina Leung made its way to the desks of four U.S. presidents. But since the Parlor Maid investigation began, the FBI has been forced to reexamine each piece of intelligence provided by Leung -- and every investigation that J.J. Smith and Bill Cleveland worked on -- to evaluate if any of its Chinese counterintelligence cases had been compromised. Here, former FBI Special Agents Edward Appel, Jack Keller and T. Van Magers, author Dan Stober, and J.J. Smith's defense attorney, Brian Sun, assess the extent to which the Parlor Maid debacle may have affected U.S. national security.
katrina's defense
Here are her lawyer's arguments, plus Katrina's statement to FRONTLINE.
interview with brian sun
As J.J. Smith's attorney, he argues that the case against J.J. does not warrant criminal charges and should have instead been handled administratively by the FBI -- which he feels is trying to clean up its image by making an example of Smith and Leung.


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posted january 15, 2004

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