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Paul Hanson
Hanson is on active-duty in the Army, based at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Paul and Connie Hanson have two children, Amy and Jayce. Jayce has severe birth defects and the Hansons are convinced they are related to Paul's service in the Gulf War. The Hansons were profiled in a Life magazine cover story in November 1995 entitled "The Tiny Victims of Desert Storm: Has Our Country Abandoned Them?"


Jim Hale
Hale is a Marine reservist and hasn't experienced any symptoms he would associate with Gulf War illness. Hale thinks many Gulf vets are overly concerned about their aches or pains due to the extensive media coverage of the issue.


Brian Martin
An ex-Marine paratrooper, Martin has been dubbed the 'poster boy' for Gulf War Syndrome: he has the highest disability rating - 100+ - of any Gulf War veteran. Martin has captivated the media, appearing in dozens of television and radio programs in recent years and also testifying at many Congressional hearings.


Jim Simpson
Simpson is an Army reservist based at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indiana. Simpson suffers from fatigue, headaches and memory loss and his wife, Glenda, has similar symptoms. They are convinced their illnesses are the result of Jim's service in the Gulf War.


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