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It seems strange that the UN weapons inspectors can not figure out the policy towards Iraq. Geo-politically, the West would like a secular leadership in Iraq to counter Iranian fundementalism and with enough military power to hold Iran in check militarily. Sadam provides the closest "fit" to these designs that the West should not want gamble on Iraq's next leader. It appears to be a modern domino theory for the oil rich region. if we "get rid of " Sadam, the Bath party, and the military ability of Iraq- what do you think Iran will do? Not export its revolution? What will the oil market do with Iranian brand fundementalists in control of the Persian Gulf region? The West does not want Sadam out- just a little more tamed- we could have ousted him him long ago.

richard allen
columbus, ohio


Disarm Iraq?, It appears that disarming our high schools is beyond the ability of lawmakers. The sharp edge of US foreign policy is very much dulled and rusted. For proof, I offer Somalia, Rwanda, Iraq, Kosovo - and the beat goes on.

Dennis Csatari
hamilton, ontario


I believe Ritter because he sounds and appears believeable. And when was the last time you felt you could believe your government?

john cashman
brooklyn, new york

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