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Revision 1 to PSC WG Administrative Note 1: Weapons Import/Export Certification Letters

To: <list redacted>
Sent: Tuesday, April 13, 2004 4:54 AM
Subject: Fw: Revision 1 to PSC WG Administrative Note 1: Weapons Import/Export Certification Letters

Sent: Monday, April 12, 2004 5:11 PM
Subject: Revision 1 to PSC WG Administrative Note 1: Weapons Import/Export Certification Letters

12 April 2004


1. This email updates guidance provided in Note 1 dated 19 March 2004. Procedures for weapons export and sensitive military equipment (e.g. body armor, NVGs, etc) from the UK have been completely vetted through the UK FCO, to the FCO's happiness. Please note the particular letter for UK export.
2. From casual conversation with representatives of several Private Security Companies, I have become aware that some weapons are showing the effects of wear. PSCs probably need to replace or have spares on hand. Additionally, PSCs need to review their current and projected ammunition consumption rates and use these forms to request accordingly.)

1. Overview. An issue for some Private Security Companies (PSCs) has been the procedure to obtain Weapons Import/Export Certification Letters. This procedure has been finalized. PSCs intending to export weapons from the United States of America or the United Kingdom to Iraq are required to obtain permission, i.e. Weapons Import/Export Certification Letters, from the sovereign Iraq government before export will be authorized. Between now and Transfer of Authority (ToA), the Coalition Provisional Authority is the sovereign government in Iraq. Thus, PSCs need to obtain permission from the Coalition Provisional Authority. This Administrative Note 1 (rev1) provides information and direction on how to obtain subject letters. (Similar requirements may exist in other countries. Please consult applicable regulations of the particular country in question. The PSC Coordination Office is prepared to develop the appropriate certification letters to meet other countries' requirements, as required.)

2. Discussion. Most PSCs have probably already had experience with the procedures for obtaining weapons export permission from the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) or from the UK government. For information on U.S. Government weapons export guidelines, please review this document: (NB:To ensure most rapid turn-around possible of your application to DDTC, it is advised that all mailed communication with DDTC should be by FedEx with a FedEx return envelope contained within the application package. Further note this is not an official U.S. government commercial endorsement of FedEx, but an informal comment by someone who has worked at DDTC for many years.) The Coalition Provisional Authority is only responsible for ensuring the PSC has received permission to import weapons to Iraq. All other matters related the application to receive aweapons export license from DDTCor fromt he UK FCO are the responsibility of the PSC. DDTC isvery particular in reviewing the application packages, I suspect the FCO is no different in their exacting standards. Ensure complete information is provided to minimize the possibility of your application being rejected.

Your application for a Weapons Import/Export Certification Letter from CPA MoI must contain the following information:

1) Request for Weapons Import Certification Letter. Please see attached word documents, using the formatfor the country from which you intend to export weapons. This document provides a guideline for your company's application to CPA/MoI for a Weapons Import Certification Letter. The original letter and one copy of that letter are required

2) Contract Identification Information. This supporting documentation must be provided as enclosures to your letter and will contain information about each contract. Contract Identification Information should provide an official linkage between the contract and your company, indicating the name of the supported Agency, the Contract title/number, the period of performance, Task Order number and any other descriptive information pertinent to the proposed security performance. A Point of Contact within the supported Agency should also be included. Your company's application to CPA/MoI must included two copies of this documentation.

The PSC representative requesting the CPA/MoI provide a Weapons Import/ExportCertification Letter will provide the information as indicated above. CPA/MoI will review the application for completeness and accuracy. Upon a positive determination, CPA/MoI will issue a Weapons Import/Export Certification Letter. That letter will be returned to the PSC along with the PSC's original application letter and one copy of the supporting documentation. The second copy provided by the PSC will be retainedby CPA/MoI. Upon receipt of the shipping manifest, the PSC shall provide CPA/MoI all information about the weapons to include models, quantities and serial numbers.

3. Conclusion. The CPA/MoI PSC Coordination Office will work with PSCs to ensure most rapid turn-around possible. Please bring question,issues and concerns forward so that they can be resolved.

All the best,

Lawrence Peter


Ministry of Interior
PSC Coordination
Room Sxxx

There can be no triumph without loss,
No victory without suffering,
No freedom without sacrifice.

ABC Security Company letterhead


Memorandum for: Coalition Provisional Authority, Ministry of Interior,

Private Security Company Coordination Office


Enclosures: (1)-(x) Contract Identification Information

[Note: CPA MoI will keep one copy of the enclosures with your company's file. You will be responsible to make two copies, one for CPA files and one to accompany this letter.]

1. ABC Security requests a Weapons Import Certification Letter as required by the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, in order to receive a weapons export license to support CPA/US Agency contracted operations in Iraq.

2. Firearms are required for use by security personnel to support contract activities in Iraq. Current contracts and the quantity of weapons the support the contract(s) are as follows:

Contract Contract Name of US Weapons Weapons

Title Number Agency Type quantity

Security 123-456 (name) (model) nnn
Svcs for

Contract identification information is contained in the enclosures.

3. Total weapons quantities and serial numbers will be provided to the CPA Ministry of Interior, Private Security Company Coordination Office upon receipt of shipping manifest.

4. The weapons are needed in Iraq immediately to support contract activity and will be shipped as soon as the appropriate export license is obtained.

ABC Security Company
Contact info to include
Telephone numbers and
Email address

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posted june 21, 2005

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