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vladimir putinWho is Putin?

The Politician

In this chapter from Vladimir Putin's frank and revealing self-portrait, First Person - Vladimir Putin (compiled from over 24 hours of in-depth interviews with him), Putin tackles the toughest issues in Russia today--from the brutal war in Chechnya, the conflict in Kosovo and squabbles with NATO, to financial scandals, corruption, and the weakness of the Russian judicial system. He discusses people--Yeltsin, Clinton, the people he trusts, the people he doesn't--and describes the moment Yeltsin offered him the reins of power. Was he ready to govern one of the most complex, formidable, and volatile countries in the world? Would he ever be? [Editor's Note: This Web site was published in May 2000.]

Assessing Putin

In these FRONTLINE interviews, Russians, Russia analysts and U.S. policymakers discuss what is known about Putin, what has shaped him, his current appeal to Russians, his commitment to democracy and free markets, and where he might lead his country.

Pursuing U.S. Interests with Russia and President-Elect Putin

This April, 2000 statement by Strobe Talbott, Deputy Secretary of State, before a Senate Subcommittee, outlines what the U.S. does and doesn't know about Vladimir Putin, and what aspects of his statements seem to correspond with American interests and policy.

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