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Virginia Heffernan New York Times

"…Ric Esther Bienstock, a Canadian documentarian … brings conviction, ingenuity and courage to 'Sex Slaves,' a 'Frontline' investigation into the global sex trade, which the film argues is headquartered in Moldova and Ukraine. …

"The hidden-camera film is instructive, as it reveals just how blasé the players are about slave trafficking. When Vlad gets only five years probation from a Ukrainian judge for selling Tania (sic), we see why. …"

Joanna Weiss Boston Globe

"…The larger cause for eyebrow-raising, though, comes from the role the documentary crew plays in this hourlong film -- shifting, at some point, from inquiring observers to renegade pseudo-cops. True, it's compelling to watch a man, wired with a secret camera and microphone, try to rescue his wife from captivity. But it's the stuff you'd expect from a John Grisham book-turned-feature-film, not a justifiably revered journalistic enterprise. …

"And, in this case, it's unclear whether the filmmakers' assistance is actually putting Viorel and Katia at risk. ''Viorel's plan has put the crew in an ethical bind," the narrator says at one point. …"

Heather Havrilesky

"'…Sex Slaves' will make you question how any human being could be so heartless as to torture vulnerable young women, often ruining their lives and changing them irrevocably. …"

Jim Bawden Toronto Star

"… Sex Slaves is the real thing, far more dramatic than any screenwriter could dream up. …"

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posted feb. 7, 2006

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