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what needs to be done

Three experts on what victims of sex trafficking endure, how they can be helped, and what it will take to combat this multibillion dollar international business.

  • + Estimating the Numbers
    Why it is so difficult to obtain hard numbers on the women being trafficked, and in what countries.



photo from the film

Hidden cameras track "Olga" as she moves young women from the port city of Odessa, Ukraine to Istanbul, Turkey.

+ Deborah Finding
Deborah Finding knows well what it takes for women to get their lives back after being forced into the sex trade against their will. She is team leader of the POPPY Project, a government-financed organization in Great Britain that provides up to four weeks' support to trafficked women. She offers facts and background on how the global sex trade works and the challenges in uprooting the networks of traffickers.

+ Victor Malarek
A journalist, Victor Malarek, spent two years interviewing traffickers and their victims and is the author of The Natashas: Inside the New Global Sex Trade (2003),He talks here about how women are conned into the sex trade, the countries that are supplying the new "fourth wave" of trafficked women, and the failure of governments to help the countless women who are forced into prostitution.

+ Mary Cunneen
Mary Cunneen is the former director of Anti-Slavery International, a London-based human rights organization working to eliminate slavery and related abuses, including trafficking people for sex. In this interview she talks about trafficking as a human rights issue, why we need to give protection to its victims, and why countries need to change their immigration policies to address the demand side of the market.

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posted feb. 7, 2006

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