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  • "Lessons of the 60 Minutes Cave-In"
    This Columbia Journalism Review article by Lawrence Grossman, a former president of PBS and NBC News, is an in-depth chronicle of events, issues and journalistic lessons related to the "60 Minutes" cancellation of a 1995 investigative story on big tobacco.

  • Tobacco Industry Information
    A good starting place. Some parts worth checking out: January 28, 1994 "Day One" transcript of its report about nicotine manipulation for which ABC was sued by Philip Morris.

    The newest tobacco whistleblowers (as of March 1996): three former Philip Morris scientists and their statements/affidavits about how tobacco companies manipulated the nicotine content of cigarettes on a regular basis:

    More uncovered documents: Various RJR and Philip Morris documents that have been placed on this site. These include-- "Research Planning Memorandum on the Nature of the Tobacco Business and the Crucial role of Nicotine therein." Dated 4/14/72. Written by Dr. Claude E. Teague, then RJR's Assistant Research Director in which the tobacco product is described as "a vehicle for the delivery of nicotine." Or, "Research Planning Memorandum On Some Thoughts About New Brands of Cigarettes for the Youth Market." Dated 2/2/73. This details a proposal for new cigarette brands for the 'youth market.' Also, documents concerning the "safer" cigarette, code-named "Table".

    (Also, see the 60 Minutes transcript of the finally-aired Wigand story on February 4, 1996).

  • Tobacco BBS -- News and Resources
    A comprehensive resource site prepared by tobacco control and public health advocates. `Latest-Breaking Tobacco News' is a special focus. Offers a wide range of material -- from help for smokers trying to quit, to where to find Native American tobacco seeds, to books, films and videos about tobacco.


  • Tobacco Control Archives
    Come here for the complete collection of the Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation internal documents which arrived unsolicited at the University of California, San Francisco in May 1994. They consisted mainly of scientific studies on the addictive nature of nicotine and other health effects of ciagarettes. This site offers a history and description of these B&W papers, an index, and the much-needed search engine for researching or browsing the 4000+ pages.


  • The No-Smoke Cafe
    "The No-Smoke Cafe" includes a chatgroup where you can talk realtime online to get support or just chat with people about quitting smoking. Also included are various facts and links to other sites re: quitting smoking and, "After the Last Cigarette" -- which notes what happens to a smoker's body minutes, hours, months and years after they stop smoking. (Do you really want to know?!)

  • Nicotine-Anonymous
    This site is focused on a 12-step "spiritual" program to quit smoking. It is similar to AA and Narcotics Anonymous. It runs a weekly online "chat" service on Thursdays at 8pm. It also lets you know how to find the nearest "Nicotine Anonymous" meeting.

  • CDC'S TIPS--Tobacco Information and Prevention Source
    Along with a large amount of information and statistics on tobacco use, the Center for Disease Control also offers here a collection of material on how to stop smoking including, 'How to Quit,' 'Secondhand Smoke,' and what teachers and parents can do to prevent tobacco use and addiction among young people.

  • Smoke-Free
    There is a discussion group called Smoke-Free to support people who have quit smoking or are trying to quit smoking. To join this listserv send an email to:"". Do not enter a subject, and in the body of the message type "subscribe smoke-free" your name. eg: subscribe smoke-free John Doe.

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