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  • "Lessons of the 60 Minutes Cave-In"
    This Columbia Journalism Review article by Lawrence Grossman, a former president of PBS and NBC News, is an in-depth chronicle of events, issues and journalistic lessons related to the "60 Minutes" cancellation of a 1995 investigative story on big tobacco.

  • A chronology of the events and decision making
    behind CBS's 1995 decision not to air the "60 Minutes" expose on the tobacco industry.

  • "The Cigarette Papers"
    by Jon Weiner, The Nation, January 1, 1996. People and institutions who received the B&W internal documents. Stories of the timid and the brave.

  • 2/28/94 "Day One" transcript
    of its report about nicotine manipulation for which ABC was sued by Philip Morris.

  • "Apology accepted."
    Text of full-page ad by Philip Morris which ran in numerous newspapers/magazines. It made ABC's limited apology regarding charges of `spiking' cigarettes with nicotine look like total victory for Philip Morris.

  • Transcript of "60 MINUTES"
    initially-shelved story on Jeffrey Wigand, the former tobacco executive who turned whistleblower.

    July 19, 1995. In this special issue, five articles appeared based around the Brown & Williamson documents. Included is an editorial co-written by JAMA's board of trustees stating the documents showed tobacco companies "dissemble, distort, and deceive, despite the fact the industry's own research is consistent with the scientific community's conclusion that continued use of their product will endanger the lives and health of the public." (Access to the JAMA articles is free, but need to register. Click on either WHAT'S NEW! or the JAMA icon for registration).

  • Deposition of Jeffrey Wigand
    Transcript of a November 29, 1995 session of the pretrial deposition of the former B &W executive. (His deposition was given in a lawsuit filed by the state of Mississippi seeking reimbursement for costs of smoking-related illnesses.)

  • The FDA's August 1995 statement
    on why nicotine in cigarettes is a drug and thus falls under FDA jurisdiction. This draws on the B&W documents about the tobacco industry's research, showing the companies regard cigarettes as nicotine delivery devices.

    This site houses all of the Edgar archive for the 1994-1996 Security and Exchange Commission filings. You can search out the SEC filings of choice by name. Go directly to to see what top CBS executives such as Ms. Kaden, Mr. Ober, Mr.Tisch--who are mentioned in FRONTLINE's report--stood to gain from stock options and/or employee benefits on the 1995 CBS/Westinghouse merger.

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