india: a new life


Use these lesson extensions to continue discussion of this topic in the classroom.

  • Invite a guest speaker to your classroom who provides social services to youth in your community and can tell students about the most common problems faced by young people in your area. Have this speaker also share his or her background and talk about why he or she chose this profession. Compare the speaker’s experience with that of Father Koshy, as described in an interview he did with FRONTLINE/World.
  • Learn more about “social entrepreneurs,” who, like Father Koshy in the video, align their professions with addressing social needs in the community. Have students research the work of the social entrepreneurs profiled by FRONTLINE/World and identify a common pattern in how their work came about and is currently run. How could students follow that same pattern to address social needs in their community? Have students work in small groups to identify a local need and develop an action plan for a sustainable business or organization that could address it.
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