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Resources for Educators

Media Education Resources

Kaiser Family Foundation
The Kaiser Family Foundation conducts research on health issues and is a leader in health policy and communications. It offers research and fact sheets on the media's health impact on youth. Check out its well-known study, "Generation M: Media in the Lives of 8-18-Year-Olds."

American Academy of Pediatrics
The AAP, concerned with the media's effect on the health of children, offers information for parents about entertainment rating systems, media guidelines for parents and recommendations on rules for Internet use.

Alliance for a Media Literate America
The AMLA is the leading media literacy organization in the United States. It advocates media literacy research and education in K-12, higher education and nontraditional educational settings, and provides resources and a community for anyone interested in media literacy education.

Online Lessons for Educators

PBS Teachers: Media Literacy
This site offers links to a variety of PBS program guides and online activities for K-12 educators that help students explore the "behind the scenes" of media and promote media literacy skills.

Netsmartz Workshop: Online and Offline Activities
A clickable list of all the online and offline activities by Netsmartz Workshop divided by K-12 grade level. Middle and high school educators view the "Real Life Stories" section which offers video vignettes about online relationships targeting middle and high school students, and provides accompanying activities and links to related news articles.

bNetS@vvy is a bimonthly e-newsletter offering parents, guardians, and teachers tools to help kids ages 9 to 14 stay safer online.

Are You a Multitasker?
www.mypopstudio.com (in the "Digital" studio)
My Pop Studio visitors can test their multitasking skills in a challenging game that simulates media multitasking and scores their multitasking ability. Teachers can download a free lesson-plan booklet with accompanying activities for this and all other activities on My Pop Studio.

Additional Materials for Parents and Educators from FRONTLINE

A comprehensive Viewer's Guide for Parents is available as a PDF download at www.pbs.org/frontline/teach/kidsonline. It includes Web resources and information about:

How to manage kids' media use, and build teen engagement with online media, Fear of online predators, Online relationships, and A cyber quiz, “What Kind of Cyber Guide Are You?” helps parents to assess their media management styles