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A Note About Internet Resources: Students need to be aware that Web sites sometimes present only one view of an issue. Encourage them to think about Web sites even as they are reading. Guiding questions as they review Web sites are: What did you learn from this site? What didn't you learn from this site? Who sponsors this site? What bias might the sponsor have? How current is the site?



The Released
This companion Web site to FRONTLINE's documentary The Released provides readings on the following topics: re-entering society/recidivism, relevant legislation, mental illness and the criminal justice system, and mental health courts.

The New Asylums
This companion Web site to FRONTLINE's 2005 report on the imprisoned mentally ill offers resources on the issue.

National Health Care for Homeless Council
This advocacy group provides resources on homelessness. Topics include relevant government agencies, domestic and international housing issues, policy initiatives and health care.

Reentry Policy Council
This organization works with state governments to develop policies for the re-entry of offenders into their communities. This Web site offers reports and publications as well as timely news stories that relate to the topic of re-entry.



National Coalition for the Homeless
This fact sheet offers information about mental illness and the homeless in a digestible format for high school students.

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