The Storm

Additional Lesson Ideas

How a Major Hurricane Impacts a City

Students will compare the Galveston Hurricane of 1900 to Hurricane Katrina. Using the following Web sites, students can learn about the impact of the Galveston Hurricane on that city, and compare it to what the long-term impact of Hurricane Katrina might be in New Orleans.

Is Your Community Prepared for a Natural Disaster?

Students will become familiar with different types of natural disasters, how to prepare for them, and where these disasters are most likely to occur.

In the First Person

Students will choose a person -- real or imagined -- who was affected by Hurricane Katrina. They will write a one- to three-page story describing the effects of Hurricane Katrina from that person's perspective. Alternately, students could present this information in a poem, monologue, dialogue or rap.

Literature Connection: Their Eyes Were Watching God

Students can explore the impact of a flood and hurricane on the main character in Zora Neale Hurston's book Their Eyes Were Watching God. The following Web site has additional teaching ideas using the book.