The Torture Question
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a glimpse inside guantanamo

FRONTLINE producers Michael Kirk and Jim Gilmore traveled with their camera crew to the U.S. Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in August 2005. Here are video excerpts from their tour of the base with members of the military's public affairs department.

The Maximum-Security Prison

Camp Delta

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Camp 5 is Camp Delta's new maximum-security facility at Guantanamo. An enclosed, climate-controlled facility, it was completed in April 2004 for the segregation and interrogation of high-value detainees. In this clip,the non-commissioned officer in charge of Camp 5 gives a tour of the camp's medical clinic and interrogation room.

Col. Mike Bumgarner leads a tour of an empty cell block at Camp Delta. It is an open-air, mid-level security facility cooled by fans. Col. Bumgarner reviews some of the items that are standard issue to all detainees who are compliant with the camp's rules. Detainees in discipline can be denied "comfort" items, such as a chess set, playing cards, or prayer rug. Col. Bumgarner also briefly discusses the measures the base takes to accommodate its Muslim detainees.

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posted oct. 18, 2005

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