The Torture Question
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interrogation rules of engagement

This chart hung at Abu Ghraib during the fall of 2003 -- the period of the notorious abuses there. It is a graphic depicting Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez's authorized interrogation approaches. According to the Fay-Jones report, which looked at military intelligence activities at Abu Ghraib, the chart misinterpreted Sanchez's memo and may have contributed to abuses during interrogations. "What was particularly confusing," the investigators wrote, "was that nowhere on the chart did it mention a number of techniques that were in use at the time: removal of clothing, forced grooming, hooding, and yelling, loud music and light control. Given the detail otherwise noted ... the failure to list some techniques left a question of whether they were authorized for use without approval." One anonymous source described the confusion to FRONTLINE, explaining, "There was a posted list of extended measures for interrogations that even said by Commanding General approval, which is General Sanchez. And then I would hear about them being used, so I assumed they were being approved."

Interrogation Rules of Engagement:  Approved approaches for all detainees:  Direct...Incentive...Incentive Removal...Emotional Love / Hate...Fear Up Harsh...Fear Up Mild...Reduced Frea...Pride & Ego Up...Futility...We Know All...Establish Your Identity...Repetition...File & Dossier...Rapid Fire...Silence;  Require CG's Approval: Change of scenery down...Dietary Manip (monitored by med)...Environmental Manipulation...Sleep Adjustment (reverse sched)...Isolation for longer than 30 days...Presence of Mil Working Dogs...Sleep Management (72 hrs max)...Sensory Deprivation (72 hours max)...Stress Positions (no longer than 45 mins)

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posted oct. 18, 2005

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