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Clint Van Zandt

Clint Van Zandt is a 25-year veteran Special Agent with the FBI (1970-1995). Prior to retirement, he was a Supervisor assigned to the FBI Academy where he worked with the Bureau's Behavioral Science Unit. Before this he served eight years in the Special Operation and Research Unit as Chief Hostage Negotiator and overall Program Manager for Hostage Negotiations.
He was the chief hostage negotiator and coordinator during the 1987 siege at the Oakdale, LA. Federal Correctional Facility; the 1987 siege at the Atlanta, Ga. Federal Prison; the 1991 prison riot at Talladega Ala. and many other similar situations. He also provided on-site coordination for negotiating the release of a U.S. citizen held by Columbian guerrillas and another kidnapping involving an American oil company executive held by terrorists in the Philippines.
Prior to joining the FBI Van Zandt was a Special Agent with the U.S. Army Intelligence and is a Vietnam War veteran.
He is the author of dozens of articles on criminal psychology, crisis management and hostage negotiations and is president of Van Zandt & Associates, an international crisis management consulting company in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

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